Nemesisf16 Mod pack


my mod pack includes all the essential mods plus something extra wich is a simple installer.
The mod's inside are not my creations but are just collected and made into a simple installer.
The mod pack includes:

-Detailed after battle report
-DAR Arty sight
-Acurate damage indicator
-Female crew
-A new clean hangar
-Historic realistic gun sounds
-Jimbo's croshair mod
-Increased visual mod(removes the fog)
-No intro mod
-Radial menu
-Red hit markers
-Two rowed garage
-Dead white tanks
-Zoom mod
More are added or removed.
All of the mods are tested andd working, and selectable.
Blogger's name nemesisf16: Nemesisf16 Mod pack

Have fun on the battle field.