Mod: [0.10.0] Kodos «hitlog only» + «Damage Panel»

Author: Kodos
Mods World of Tanks: Mod: [0.10.0] Kodos «hitlog only» + «Damage Panel»
Updated: from 12.09.2015 — hitlog mod works for WoT 0.10.0

Another hitlog the author Kodos, this time he moved it to a new location, next to damage the panel. In this article you will be able to download itself hitlog and damage panel
Mods World of Tanks: Mod: [0.10.0] Kodos «hitlog only» + «Damage Panel»

Download the archive;
The resulting files to throw in the game folder;

Hitlog only (9.2 MB)
hitlog-damagelog-panel (9 MB)
damage damagelog only (9 MB)

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I have been trying many times to install this great hitlog mod. It seems to install correctly, and I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything wrong, but the hitlog seems to move far too much down. I can only see the top half off the top line of the hitlog (totalt hits: ** total dmg: ****) Are there any options for changing the position of the hitlog in config files? If so, please tell me which config, where to find it, and what to change.

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