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[9.8] Battle Assistant - new opportunities in the game

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Presenting your attention the super mod — Battle Assistant, which adds new features in the game for every type of tank. These improvements are added to the standard battle interface and make the game more comfortable.

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Sights Informative and animated [0.9.5]

Sights World of Tanks: Sights Informative and animated
Author: Deegie? adaptation to 0.9.5 — vitiris


Sight updated to 0.9.5
Skated two dozen fights with established eye on «pure» client bugs were found.

Version 16 +
— In the archive are added configurators with explanations in English and Russian languages

version 15
— Added net arcade mode
— Fixed several bugs in particular on some tanks correctly displayed Done-penetration-XII
— Added marker broneprobitiya

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